Member of Music Teachers Association of California • National Association of Teachers of Singing

 approach to singing is holistic. She believes the “whole body” is your instrument and your “voice” is the result of how well you take care of that instrument. Other factors (both psychological and physical) also contribute to your ability to sing. Using the assessment skills she acquired as a social worker, obstacles that prevent some voices from being released are identified, addressed and then removed.

She shares the belief of many great teachers, that learning to sing starts with “good posture” followed by the importance of learning “diaphragmatic breathing”. Having studied with some of the best teachers in California, she has acquired an ability to pin-point a student’s vocal problem and immediately know how to fix it through the correct vocal exercise.

Harriet continues to enhance her teaching skills and abilities by regularly attending Performance Master Classes and seminars on the “Care of the Voice”. She practices yoga regularly and has found that a little relaxing yoga at the beginning of each lesson tends to calm and relax those students coming straight from work.

She is not alone in recognizing that yoga, combined with vocal exercises, can and does help students find a healthy singing voice.


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