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Use your speaking voice with confidence

With result oriented drills, a student learns how to control their own voice and use it with certainty. With this new skill, they can interest others in what they are saying and be expressive in doing so!

Having fear or anxiety about speaking in public is a very real and painful to many. This fear of speaking in public inhibits professional activities and advancement and restricts personal interaction.

There is something that can be done about it. The first step and a big one, is learning that you can control your voice and make it work for you.

Needless to say, being in control of your own voice has many benefits:

1. A clear voice that can be heard is fundamental in giving live presentations or even having conversations.

2. Confidence and strength in speaking, leads naturally to clarity of thought ideas and better communication.

3. A strong voice encourages confidence in the person and assists in overcoming shyness.

4. A confident sounding voice comes from a confident person, they go together. Confidence commands respect both at work and in social settings.

Students wanting to improve their speaking voice are surprised when Harriet expects them to learn how to sing as well. Singing helps add many new overtones to the speaking voice, and helps build the confidence needed in public speaking.

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