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Tears Joy and Hope, Yiddish Songs of the Jewish Ghetto Concert

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During a time when millions of Jews were facing death, music found a way into their lives. Jews composed music as they lived, fought and died in the ghettos across Europe. I’d like to present this music to you in a unique concert entitled, Tears, Joy and Hope: Yiddish Songs Written in the Jewish Ghetto.

The songs I sing were written by Jewish poets and composers who perished in the Holocaust. Everyday life in the ghetto is revealed through the rich, colorful and complex language of Yiddish. A PowerPoint presentation of translations for each song is projected onto a screen, giving audiences a rare insight into ghetto life—the suffering, fears, even the hope.  A professional musical ensemble of accordion and cello creates the mood of a people living in desperate times.

Because every song has a true story behind it, I offer brief, well-researched talking points, accompanied by historical photos projected onto a screen.  Learning the history of each song allows the listener to experience what it was like to live in a Jewish ghetto. Attendees at a recent concert wrote the following:

In the years and years I’ve heard about the Holocaust, watched movies, visited museums, I’ve never realized that the piece you presented was missing— the music in the doomed own language with all its pathos and beauty.  Your concert was unforgettable”….Barbara Crane, congregant, Temple Israel of Long Beach


“I don’t know a word of Yiddish but I felt that you were telling a story of the forgotten. By giving us the English each song was made more dear and meaningful…that someone years ago sang these songs of love, death and survival”….Carol Greenberg, congregant, Temple Israel of Long Beach  

Because these songs are rarely performed, I am passionate about bringing them to the attention of current generations. Many writers and composers were victims of the Holocaust.  My goal is to allow their music to live on.

Experience this beautiful and haunting music by by clicking on the four songs from my concert below.

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