Member of Music Teachers Association of California • National Association of Teachers of Singing

Vocal technique: Focus is on posture, breath-building exercises and skills required to produce a tone that is both resonant and on pitch.

Coaching: Helps with rhythm, interpretation, pronunciation of foreign languages, and musicianship.

Performance techniques: If you have an audition coming up, or if you are currently performing, there are creative ways to enhance your presentation.

Repertoire: I have a moderate selection of music from musical theatre, art songs, and opera that you can choose from. If you want to sing a specific song and want to be able to deliver it well, bring it to your lesson.

Professional CD: You will receive a CD of each lesson.

Practice: For the best progress, and fastest results: practice everyday. The voice is an instrument that can be improved through constant application and awareness. Practicing with your CD is like having another voice lesson. This will help re-enforce new ideas and physical sensations. Dress comfortably in clothes that you can easily breathe and move in.

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